Michael Cassity

Precious Time is proud to partner with CJW Medical Center

Chippenham Campus
7101 Jahnke Road
Richmond, VA 23225

Johnston-Willis Campus
1401 Johnston-Willis Drive
Richmond, VA 23235

A Letter From Michael Cassity Human Resources Officer at CJW

Dear Ms. Mokhtar:

I want to recognize you and your team at Precious Time for the partnership that we have developed to bring on-site childcare to CJW Medical Center.

Since opening the center in March of 2004, I have been very impressed with the improvements that you and your team have made to the center. The center has been staffed with quality instructors who provide excellent programs to our employee’s children, as well as to children in the community.

It is CJW’s vision to become the employer of choice in Central Virginia. Consequently, we realize the importance of providing our 3300 employees with a safe, learning environment where they can leave their children while at work. We appreciate your willingness to customize your programs to meet the needs of our employees. For example, we are 7/24 operation and your willingness to remain open from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (including weekends) is a great service to our working parents. In addition, you provide a diverse variety of programs (art, Spanish, computer labs, science) and provide many opportunities for parents to meet each other at the center’s many social activities.

Our Human Resources job candidates department has also benefited from being able to recruit top talent because of our on-site childcare service. Employees are staying at CJW because their needs for on-site childcare are being met and with their childcare needs being met, more employees are able to pick up extra hours; which has contributed to increased productivity at our Medical Center.

Thank you for your help in bringing the highest quality childcare to our employees and for the positive impact you and the Precious Time Team have had on CJW Medical Center.


Michael F. Cassity,
Human Resources Officer

CJW Medical Center